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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Some small changes in a long time

It's been quite a challenging time since my last postings with some considerable changes to my working life. Whilst that is not important for here, it certainly explains the lack of enthusiasm for making posts. So here's trying to get back into some good blogging habits.  
  Myself and a friend, Ed, have been planning to turn a wargame into a boardgame to bring the best of both hobbies together. I've been a long time player of command and colors and used large scale figures to game it on Hexon terrain. I have had a passion to make a 6mm version which replaces the blocks with figures, but retains the feeling of a boardgame.    
  So myself and Ed have decided to do the Second Punic War together, fighting each of the available scenarios in turn. If the passion continues, we hope to upscale to using a base as a block to give a grand visual appeal. For the moment we are building our starting forces; I'm doing Carthaginians whilst Ed creates a Republican Roman army. We hope to give some battle reports as we go. So, in preparation, here are some photos of my work to date...