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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Some small changes in a long time

It's been quite a challenging time since my last postings with some considerable changes to my working life. Whilst that is not important for here, it certainly explains the lack of enthusiasm for making posts. So here's trying to get back into some good blogging habits.  
  Myself and a friend, Ed, have been planning to turn a wargame into a boardgame to bring the best of both hobbies together. I've been a long time player of command and colors and used large scale figures to game it on Hexon terrain. I have had a passion to make a 6mm version which replaces the blocks with figures, but retains the feeling of a boardgame.    
  So myself and Ed have decided to do the Second Punic War together, fighting each of the available scenarios in turn. If the passion continues, we hope to upscale to using a base as a block to give a grand visual appeal. For the moment we are building our starting forces; I'm doing Carthaginians whilst Ed creates a Republican Roman army. We hope to give some battle reports as we go. So, in preparation, here are some photos of my work to date...    

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Take pride at the altar of Sin

Well, I'm nearly there, sort of...The miniatures from the core game of The Others is nearly finished, but that doesn't take into account the numerous extensions. So here's a start. Some piccies of the sin of Pride, and also the evil doctor acolytes
Will take some photos of some of the other miniatures soon

Monday, 21 November 2016

Let's roll the dice...

For those of you into the statistical shenanigans to explain the 'I keep rolling ones!', this website might help;   It allows you to test you dice rolling to see the likelihood of just how many 4+ you roll on 6 d6. Me, I let the dice gods decide...

Sunday, 20 November 2016

More Conan sword fodder

Here are some of the more civilized opponents for Conan's sword to subjugate; five guards and a captain. Might do some characters next.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

What lies beneath

Decided to do some quick postings to keep my interest in the the blog going. Here's some tentacles I've just finished from the Conan boardgame.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Doesn't time fly...

Doesn't time fly. I have been engrossed in a few new deliveries lately which seems to have eaten my time. I have been keeping up with some communication on Twitter. It's been so long that when I came to post this, my app, Blogsy, no longer worked! The main target of my gaming affections has been the boardgame Conan from Monolith designs. Put simply, lots of painting and playing where posssible. Here are some piccies...  

Monday, 3 October 2016

Homegrown WWII company level rules

Well, it's been a while since making a posting. Real life seems to be taking a major front seat with trying to set up a business (not that here is the time or place to chat on about it). So, as a consequence of using the wargames space as an office build, trying to keep a handle on game related stuff has been a little challenging. - but not impossible with a little determination on my part.

One thing which I can do, especially with the instant access of my IPad, is continue musing about my ideas for gaming, expressed through rules writing. Current brain activity - I have never been quite satisfied with company level modern rules; that is to say where the basic playing unit is a company sized fighting formation.

For me, a re-occurring theme is the natural cross over between boardgames and wargames. Listening to a recent podcast crystallized my mind even more so. Sam Mustafa (Blucher, Lasalle fame) said that he didn't see a clear demarcation between the two spheres of gaming. After all, beautiful figures are still a marker on a beautifully scenic playing board. For me, I really buy into that idea. Over the years of gaming, wargames still seem to lack the simple elegance of some boardgame mechanics. I'm not sure wether it's because representing such mechanics is difficult on a free form table, or wether it's a subconscious industry/consumer approach to keep the two seperate. That seems to be a harder fence to maintain to keep the gaming herd from leaving the ranch...

Anyway, back to my rules writing. Playing the ACW ruleset 'Altar of Freedom' has helped me to think more clearly about the importance of leadership over technical ability when playing higher level games. Looking at the technically superior French losing to the superior leadership of the Germans in 1940 is a nice illustration. Currently I'm toying around with several command techniques, looking for that 'simple elegance'.

That leads me to a asking for your help. I want the combat to be fairly simple, but flexible to represent the different types of weapon systems and approaches used during WWII. The table below is at the heart of that interaction:

Using a comparative dice mechanic allows the combat operations of different troop types a clear distinction when fighting what sometimes seems a dymmetrically opposed set of combatants. Within this system, it then becomes easier to define the quality of each fighting type. For instance the combat power of a PzII (1 dice basic) can be separated from the stately Tiger 1 (4 dice). This approach keeps the action simple whereby a core mechanic for combat can be learnt, but differentiation defined through the combat matrix.

What do you think? Trying to distill down the combat power of each company formation is quite a challenge. Do you think that the table (all things considered) has the correct proportional relationship?

Let me know in the comments below...

Thanks for your help everybody!