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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

First attempt at designing a historical scenario; the breakthrough at Orsha, June 1944

  For a long time now I have been looking to scratch the itch of a higher level, operational World War Two wargame. So much so, that I have been designing my own rules to fill the gap. And then came along Sam Mustafa...He is rapidly turning into my favourite rules writer who has a keen eye for period flavour, workable mechanics, and above all fun! Well, he is publishing a suitable tickling stick for me in the form of 'Rommel'...
So I've been thinking, why spend too much energy of my own, when somebody else has created (and to a far greater quality) a set of rules. Looking at the sample materials Sam has provided I have already considered suitable base sizes, and made a starting 'KG' from Sam's complimentary army lists.  
Now, the rules are'nt released until later this year, however that is no reason to not prepare. I'm going to revamp my 6mm WWII troops...that's another set of blogposts...  
    Several years ago, (when there was more money than time), I invested in a bi-monthly delivery of the Osprey series on major campaigns of World War Two. Whilst interesting, with particular campaigns catching my interest, they have mostly remained on the shelves, now I can see another use...  
Ed is revamping his collection of mothballed 6mm Soviets too. As my interest lies mostly in the Eastern Front, it seems sensible to design a scenario from here. Flicking through the book, there is enough information on formations involved, maps and events to design scenarios from.  
  My normal blogging instincts are to publish complete 'articles' with a beginning, middle and end (having to live by my own teaching standards). This time though. I'm going to take my foot off the gas and blog how and when the mood takes me, and let you all know where I have got to with this scenario. With that, that's it!

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