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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scratch build Sci-fi buildings - 15mm

With there being a lack of 15mm scifi scenery available, and the costs involved of buying those that are, I'm always on the look out for cheap, but affect ways of creating the table clutter needed for skirmish style games that doesn't break the bank.

After a trip to Hobbycraft, I saw some boxes which cost one pound each, I'd remembered seeing before how reversing the lids gave a nice parapet to stand figures on.

After the usual head scratching build, using some kinder egg containers, I came up with the idea of some kind of power units or industrial units. This worked well as the boxes fitted neatly into the squares on my Mantic mats from Deadzone.

Here's some piccies of the buildings in action, all for the chosen price of four pounds!



  1. I've had my eye on those boxes for ages as they always looked like they would work. They certainly do.

    Excellent stuff.

  2. Very effective. The painting and especially the weathering really does transform them.