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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Blucher bases - MDF style

Another purchase at Derby was some miniatures from commission figurines. The special thing about these pieces is that they are made from MDF and are virtually 'flats'! For the cost of just ten pounds you get all of these figures...

These have been a little experiment for me on several wavelengths. Firstly, this was an exercise in speed painting. These bases have been completed, start to finish, in about five hours. They are not meant to be perfectly painted as I want to have quickly prepared, massed miniatures. Besides, 6mm is not meant to be judged under a microscope.

The second wavelength is their interchangeability to rest on Blucher unit cards. With a little blu tack underneath, these bases can quickly represent the variety of units presented in the game. Rather than stick them with permanently marked statistics, basing them on only the width of the illustration allows ultimate flexibility. They almost feel like a blend between board gaming and miniatures games which is becoming ever popular. They certainly scratch my itch!



  1. Hmm, hadn't heard of those, but they do look pretty good. Some people come up with fascinating ideas. If the Napoleonic version of 'To the Strongest' shows up, I might be looking more closely at these!

  2. Hi Preacher!
    Didn't know a 'To The Strongest' napoleonic is on the offering. Is there much information out there about it?

    1. Hi Anthony, not that I'm aware of. Just a passing mention on the blog that it was a next project Simon is working on.


  3. Nice job nice to see other folks using Walt's figures. I have been a fan since "beta" last winter. I have lots of them check out my blog for more details. We chose not to use the cards but made more use of sabot bases for many reasons including not wanting to rebase an awful lot of figures over 4 guys collections ;) You chose them as a way of getting lots of figures on the table fast but when you use them more they are worth the effort of going a little further. They really have some appeal that I haven't quite figured out yet. heheh