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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sheriff of Nottingham

Everyone is still enjoying the game 'Sheriff of Nottingham'. Maybe we all want to try and catch others out, or try new strategies; whatever the motivation, it's still an exciting and intriguing little game. William again played his 'believe me, I won't lie because I'm the youngest'...Grandad tried to be a little more believing of others. Grandma still tried to creep contraband through where possible. Lucy played a more adventurous game, with a little less honesty. Me...well, not sticking to a strategy had it's usual result...

...and lost me the game badly again! This was a close one, with Will's contraband haul just being pipped to the post, with Lucy's hoard of legitimate goods. One round of picking up 4 chickens certainly helped Lucy, especially when the Sheriff didn't believe what was in the sack.

Using the IPad App really helps the game flow nicely. It has a timer for the negotiations, and throws out random comments at particularly pertinent moments during negotiations. Finally, the app keeps track of previous games and scores; always good for remembering just how big the sack was full of contraband! Final comment on the game.

Grandad - I can't lie. (Everybody else laughed)

Grandma - Williams face stops me from calling him a cheat.

Will - it was good and funny.

Lucy - I was lucky with the chicken pick up.

Anthony - trying to be clever doesn't pay, and I'm not letting Grandad shuffle the deck again.



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