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Monday, 12 September 2016

Scratchbuilt dungeon scenery

Through sorting out the piles of 'stuff' in the wargames shed, I decided to dispose of some boardgames that o didn't want, and wouldn't have any resale value. After rummaging through the the contents, I found some playing pieces which I thought could form some part of statues or something. At the same time we were getting rid of some of Wills' baby toys, including some play blocks. After some gluing, heavy paints and some weathering, here are the results...

I'm really quite happy with the results. I feel they will fit in nicely with my Super Dungeon Explore stuff, or Open Combat. Got a couple more bits to finish.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

A different kind of farm creature

The peace didn't last long! Three players (Daz, Ed and Phil). Three seperate foraging parties; cops, SWAT and gang members. The peaceful farm was about to erupt into a cacophony of gunshots and low, steady groans.

The action started tentively, with each party reaching towards the centre of the farm. The cops took a steady, quiet approach to one of the outlying homes, quietly and carefully disparching the zombies that they met. After considered entry into the house, they found...very little.

The SWAT team, aware of tactical discipline, stealthy moved past the barn to watch the activity around the main farmhouse. Having seen the shamblers become slightly agitated, and move towards the other side of the house.

Gunfire erupted, zombies reacted, more zombies stumbled into the farm. Now acutely aware of their situation, the SWAT fell back to the barn. Due to the increasing pressure of the chaos near the farmhouse, the team opened up!

Unfortunately the raucous bellows of 12 bore, pump action force drew more attention. The team finish with a clearance of the barn which they passed on their way in.

The tact and guile shown by the previous two teams was certainly not the approach of the gang members...their assured, arrogant attitude was displayed by moving straight towards the main farmhouse, guns blazing.

On house entry, zombies poured forth that even the hoods could not handle confidently. Forced out to the porch area, guns continued to blaze, attracting even more deadly attention. The game ended with the gang fighting for their lives...

The ATZ formula worked well as a gaming system. The simple foraging scenario showed that the game provides a great 'sandbox' experience which can be shaped well by the imagination of the scenario designer.


Monday, 5 September 2016

The beauty of hexes

A friend is over from his Itslian home visiting family and folk, and luckily, he can spend a whole day for gaming! In deciding what to do. I thought about a light hearted evening game - so zombie apocalypse it is! (Not so light hearted, maybe)

I've been thinking of just taking a straight port from the boardgame version of 'all things zombie' by lock n load publishing. It fits my hexon tiles and doesn't require a massive amount of hexes to have a fun game.

What's good about the rules is that there are only two types of terrain - rough and building. I've recently modified some of my plain, unflocked boards in either rough, or grey. This has meant that the scenery has been placed in what ever looks good, but from a gaming perspective, it's the hex texture underneath which dictates it's function - brilliant!

We'll see if it works with the gaming party tomorrow...