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Thursday, 28 April 2016


Working on the list of things to do, here are the first three weathered buildings (on the outside). I've still got to do the interiors with basic paint and floors, but they are playable from the outside at least. First up is the grocery store. All of these buildings are a little wonky as they are home made from cork floor tiles; a tradesmen should never blame their tools! Anyway, it's ready for customers.

Next up is the bunker or the 'doomsday' ready building. It will make a nice safe house for characters to venture out into the not so safe surroundings. Quite happy with the weathering on this one.

Finally, it's the obligatory gunshop. Here in the UK, I don't know what we would do in a zombie apocalypse, as gunshops are few and far between. It would have to be a messier affair with more close in action. Anyway, a nice little place to get those limb shredding, head exploding equipment every good zombie hunter needs. Going to carry on with a few more buildings next.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Zombie getaways

Just a quick posting. Finished weathering some of the vehicles and basing some more characters.



Sunday, 24 April 2016

Breathing life into a Zombie project

Daz and Ed are busily painting away on the 6mm ACW miniatures, and I've done quite a bit of the scenery for it, so I'm keeping myself busy while they continue to beaver away. I've always had a gaming interest in Zombies for a long time. I've made quite a bit of scenery and painted a lot of miniatures for it, yet the project is far from finished...

I'm working on my own rules (as ever) and am onto about the third version. All the buildings are scratch built, thanks to the guidance from MAtakashi's tearoom website. However the project doesn't feel anywhere near finished. I've just painted two sheets of MDF and gridded them for a gaming surface (my rules work on a grid system; well it worked for Zombicide). As you can see from the pictures, the project is well an it's way, but there is still plenty to do.

Things on the list to do

  • Neaten up the construction of the buildings. I'm not the neatest and careful of construction workers; wonky floors but to mention a few
  • Weather the buildings as they are quite clean
  • If possible, add some window frames to the buildings to add some detail
  • Paint the inside of the buildings, and make some neat floors
  • Maybe add some flooring papers to the buildings
  • Get some street furniture to make the streets less clean
  • Finish weathering the vehicles
  • Make some grass area bases to add some more green areas to the board
  • Walls and fences

An unfinished list, but still plenty to do!


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

More Zombie Characters

Finished some more good / very bad characters for more Zombie game. The bases are rather thick, but they are able to show a changeable value. This will be used to show the 'nerve' of the characters during the game. I don't mind this look too much as I'm used to boardgame depictions and gaming pieces. Here are the other members of the cast:



Sunday, 17 April 2016

6mm Sci Fi force for 'Horizon Wars'

Having bought some new scifi rules, I've converted some of my 6mm mountain to be able to play. I've already got plenty of suitable mechs, so it was more the other arms that I needed to concentrate on. I've still got plenty to do, but these little fellas are my start point. They are from the Command Horizon collection that was originally produced by Baccus. Here are a few shots of them on the table...


Zombie Fodder

Some revamped miniatures. This first batch aren't the best, however they are soft plastic from a boardgame called 'Last Night on Earth'. They are from when my interest first got stronger in gaming the Zombie Apocolypse, much earlier than the current popular craze for the topic.

These fellows I think might be Copplestone, or Grenadier...such a long time ago.

Finally, I think these might be Foundry, but again, can't be sure...

Currently rebasing some miniatures to be able to try out 'Horizon Wars' by Osprey.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Salute 2016

Well, I'm sat on a bus, chugging along the motorway, returning home from the Salute show. Now seems as good a time as any to put a posting together. Again, apologies for not crediting each game and who made it, however I hope that they appear in this posting is a favorable thank you from myself to them all. Here are some pictures of some of the games

One of the games I was personally looking out for was Spartan games 'Halo Ground Command'. I wasn't disappointed in that a game/diorama was there to display the painted miniatures. Whilst the rules seem straight forward and not particularly revolutionary, the models definitely capture the spirit of the video game. Here are some pictures for those interested...

Now for some pictures of some of the other games...

Finally, another point of personal interest was the McVey Studios stand. I'm waiting patiently on a Kickstarter for a boardgame called 'The Others' which features some fantastic, if a little macabre, miniatures which have been sculpted by Mike McVey. An expansion to the game called Apocalyspse has some stunning miniatures which were previewed at the show. Here they are:

Personal buys were quite small; new Osprey Sci-fi rules (Horizon Wars), two boardgames (7 Wonders Dueland Operation Codename) and 12 Hazmat suited figures (Empress Miniatures) for my Zombie game. Well that's it for my short show album. I'm a little closer to home, ready for a brew and feet up on the sofa.