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Thursday, 28 April 2016


Working on the list of things to do, here are the first three weathered buildings (on the outside). I've still got to do the interiors with basic paint and floors, but they are playable from the outside at least. First up is the grocery store. All of these buildings are a little wonky as they are home made from cork floor tiles; a tradesmen should never blame their tools! Anyway, it's ready for customers.

Next up is the bunker or the 'doomsday' ready building. It will make a nice safe house for characters to venture out into the not so safe surroundings. Quite happy with the weathering on this one.

Finally, it's the obligatory gunshop. Here in the UK, I don't know what we would do in a zombie apocalypse, as gunshops are few and far between. It would have to be a messier affair with more close in action. Anyway, a nice little place to get those limb shredding, head exploding equipment every good zombie hunter needs. Going to carry on with a few more buildings next.


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