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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

It's been a little while...

For a change I've been doing more than thinking where the hobby is concerned. Here's a little of what has been happening recently.

I spent a day with Ed and one of his friends (hi John) learning a little about Infinity. I think there is a great system here which requires some determination to learn the subtle variances of all the different unit types and equipment. For me though, all this thought is quickly eaten up during the game. The sample scenario Ed and John played lasted only three turns by design. There was a lot of nudging and jockeying, which erupted into an almighty firefight in turns two and three, with not many models standing to record their stories on the Viacom. Here's a few snaps...

We finished the day's play with a little more open combat. Our initial dabbling of figure stats were refined as we played more games. My initial thoughts about my undead band were developed a little, as the Zombies were not strong enough to have an impact, even after my necromancer had drained the will power of the opponents. So, the loss of a zombie to improve the fighting qualities of those that remained was helpful.

We played a scenario that required investigating some treasure chests and removing them from the scene of the battle. An interesting action in the first game, where a titanic struggle was had at the centre of the board, where both factions fought for the final prize.

By contrast, the second game ended very quickly when one faction found both prizes early on their side of the board, and made off with the trophies. Again, a few piccies.

Finally, and here has been the biggie, I stumbled across some ACW rules called 'Altar of Freedom'. Now, I haven't played them yet, but they do look rather cool. So much so, that I will do a separate posting about them.

What this has meant has been a flurry of activity for myself, Daz and Ed. Daz already has a Federal army painted and Ed is enthused to paint up some Rebs, so I thought I would do a 'shabby sheek' revamp of some old scenery boards for an old school club.

I'm rather happy with the results and pleased to still have all my fingers after a lot of electric jigsaw cutting! The look is simple, but will be in keeping with the small 6mm scale. I'm so pleased that it has also encouraged me to re look at my 6mm WWII kit to use with the 'look sarge, no charts' rules bought last year.

In between all of this I've played some boardgames with Will and one of his friends. The old pleasure of 'The Hammer of the Scots' was passed onto the younger lads, with their interest not surprisingly wavering during an unusually complex game to their normal experience. The game finished with an unusual last gambit of William Wallace and Norse raiders trying to catch Edward I alone in the far reaches of Northern Scotland, after a large battle of Edward pacifying a few remaining nobles; you can decide the outcome!

A busy old time,with a big shout out to homebase 'village green' colour paint and some spray cans!



  1. These look really good Tony.
    They have the polished look of terrain we all started with.

  2. Good stuff Anth. I'll be interested in your thoughts about Altar of Freedom.

  3. Cheers both...
    Steve, have a look at my latest posting; we tried having a go last night and found them quite good to the way we like to play. Not overly complicated with a focus on command and control.