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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Breathing life into a Zombie project

Daz and Ed are busily painting away on the 6mm ACW miniatures, and I've done quite a bit of the scenery for it, so I'm keeping myself busy while they continue to beaver away. I've always had a gaming interest in Zombies for a long time. I've made quite a bit of scenery and painted a lot of miniatures for it, yet the project is far from finished...

I'm working on my own rules (as ever) and am onto about the third version. All the buildings are scratch built, thanks to the guidance from MAtakashi's tearoom website. However the project doesn't feel anywhere near finished. I've just painted two sheets of MDF and gridded them for a gaming surface (my rules work on a grid system; well it worked for Zombicide). As you can see from the pictures, the project is well an it's way, but there is still plenty to do.

Things on the list to do

  • Neaten up the construction of the buildings. I'm not the neatest and careful of construction workers; wonky floors but to mention a few
  • Weather the buildings as they are quite clean
  • If possible, add some window frames to the buildings to add some detail
  • Paint the inside of the buildings, and make some neat floors
  • Maybe add some flooring papers to the buildings
  • Get some street furniture to make the streets less clean
  • Finish weathering the vehicles
  • Make some grass area bases to add some more green areas to the board
  • Walls and fences

An unfinished list, but still plenty to do!


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