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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Zombie Fodder

Some revamped miniatures. This first batch aren't the best, however they are soft plastic from a boardgame called 'Last Night on Earth'. They are from when my interest first got stronger in gaming the Zombie Apocolypse, much earlier than the current popular craze for the topic.

These fellows I think might be Copplestone, or Grenadier...such a long time ago.

Finally, I think these might be Foundry, but again, can't be sure...

Currently rebasing some miniatures to be able to try out 'Horizon Wars' by Osprey.



  1. Hi, these are great. Can I ask how you extracted the LNOE miniatures from their bases as seeing you rebase them for other games has inspired me to try the same.

  2. Hi Jack,
    Very carefully! I used a small Stanley knife and pair of pliers/clippers used for taking parts off of plastic spruces. Take it steady though, as the plastic is quite thin