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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Need for a tidy up

It happens to us bit of finishing of a vehicle here, a little re-basing, finishing off a group of figures there. Before you know it, you're in a situation seen in the photo above. Working on a six inch square of the table is telling you that it's time to do that thing that seems a waste of time; tidying the table.

First to clear was a batch of WWII Germans. The intention is to use these for a game of 'Chain of Command'. I've got plenty of Russians ready to go (though they need touching up tomorrow) but not quite enough Axis. The troops need the support of some light and medium machine guns.

Next up was a group of vehicles being rebased to hold my dice. With some figure touch ups along the way. Must admit that I'm getting a little basing fatigue with them, so need to play more games with them to get the enthusiasm back. Here's the rest;

This left enough room then to actually do some tidying up and putting away. Here's the end result, I'm now back to more than a six inch square!



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