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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Making hedges, basing Russians...

The current offensive is being waged on my 6mm collection. Having been inspired by some group activity (thanks Daz and Ed), I'm attempting to co-ordinate several projects through the production of some scenery. Here are a couple of photos of the results.

On the scenery front, I've made some 6mm hedges. Ed's suggestion of using coffee stirrers helped me to stiffen up the scouring pad frame, ready to be modeled on. I have really found useful spray mount permanent glue; it's really sticky on the downside, but it is very quick to use. Spraying, then flocking, spraying, flocking, has given the hedges some variety in appearance. I couldn't tell you the source of my flocks because I've had them for donkey's years!

The Russian component comes from Ed's interest in playing Lasalle by Sam Mustafa. Sam has been my go to rules writer most recently as he combines simplicity and theme to provide an enjoyable game. My Napoleonic Russians have languished in a box, half completed and half based. The last idea was to use them for Napoleonic Command and Colours (which still stands). Ed is currently painting British, with Daz more or less having a Prussian army ready to go. Whilst it may not be accurate, it will get the figures onto the table. Here's the progress of the painted stuff so far. There's as much again needing painting.

That's all for now folks. Marching on to maybe a report on 'Altar of Freedom' next...



  1. Excellent work! Good job on the basing and the hedges.