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Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday night entertainment

William has a friend stopping over for the night. Like most/all parents (let me know if you are one of the few where this doesn't happen), making sure that their diet doesn't just consist of neutron blaster antics glued to a screen is a challenge. So I got out a couple of games as a distraction.

It's always a delicate topic to bring up, as you don't want to tread on toes being the 'geeky' dad, so the suggestion of a game of 'Camel Up' was the first gambit. Thanks to Ed, we have borrowed a copy of the game and had some fun trying it a couple of times. Tonight was no exception, as Will's friend quite happily joined in a game (much to the relief of Will's street cred rating). In fact, whenever I have carefully introduced a game to Will's friends, the end result is usually a success. It certainly goes to prove that the 'diet' that you provide very much shapes the mental exercise of children; c'mon, let's not always blame the kids...

As always, a successful session is down to the delicate timing of the opportunities. Will's friend said that he enjoyed playing cards, so the next game out of the box was 'Sequence'. A good game to finish the evening on, over a cookie and drink. Believe it or not, no pixels were harmed in the process. Sequence is a regular 'go to' game for the equivalent of a cosy mug of tea. Especially good for me as tomorrow is a trip to Salute. Let's see how restrained I can be.


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