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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Shiloh fought on the Altar of Freedom

A quick photo log of a game fought between myself and Ed. It has to be said from the outset, the Union luck (represented by my dice rolling) was extremely fortunate on the day of the battle, with many rebel assaults turned away with 6s and 1s rolled. Here are the pictures:

I had a quick look at the actual outcome of the battle, and the results were quite similar for the first days action. The union fell back and consolidated their broad deployment, due to them being caught unawares by the Confederate early morning ambush. A stalemate developed with the bulk of the Union troops defending Harper's Ferry.

The rules flowed fairly smoothly, with us working out how supporting brigades could add to the difference in combat outcomes. One thing we were uncertain about was the idea of the frontal 2 inch zone of control. Does it extend fully to the sides of the front of the unit, or literally just straight ahead. This was crucial in deciding wether units could easily gain a flank. Something else to find out...


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