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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Weekend Zombicide

This afternoon was an opportunity to get an old game out for Will and his friend. I think my recent interest in painting and playing my own zombie rules helped me to get out Zombicide. It does seem to have some oddish rules (shooting through squares with figures in them, but always hitting survivors first in the target space), but thematically plays well with a great narrative to keep the action moving along. It's also relatively simple which allowed me to keep the game moving while the boys concentrated on what they wanted to do. Here's a photo log of the action:

The boys did seem to spend a very long time collecting and swapping their equipment whilst the shambling hordes slowly increased in size. The first 3 objectives fell easily into the clutches of the needy living. The boys finally plucked up enough courage to start to go toe-to-toe with the street walkers. Well, with a small arsenal of firepower, they began to make short work of the hordes. The characters did however get divided into two groups with the threat level rising, bringing the unwanted attentions of further zombies. The pinnacle was reached with Wanda dodging a Fatty to grasp the last objective. Not all the party made it, Josh and Doug succombed on the streets, with the other characters fighting for their existence from a group of runners. A very close game.


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