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Monday, 2 May 2016

More Zombicide...

Bank Holiday Monday, watch televisions? Nah, more Zombies to kill! Here's the scenario and board:

And here's how the scenario played with Will (Josh and Phil) and Sam (Amy and Ned) in charge.

The characters quite comfortably dealt with the unwanted incursion. After acquiring some weapons, the room clearing began with the players staying in the middle of the building, with slight movement towards the top. The only real threat occurred when a group of runners made it into the central redoubt. As the characters were grouped together, they soon made short work of the assault. Sam cunningly kept the character experience levels down to yellow, ensuring less viscious zombies were spawned. Once the zombie spawn deck was exhausted, the characters really went to town on thinning down the undead.

As the body count mounted, We decided to call it a day, as the characters could easily 'gun and run' to escape the brainless hunters (especially when the streets outside the building could be used). Might look at getting out my 'All Things Zombie' boardgame next.


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