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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

British tanks trundle into 'The Great War'

At Partizan my main purchase was the expansion to PSC's 'The Great War' command and colours derivative. In the box came 6 'pre-painted' tanks - a single colour and some transfers. This provided an ideal base to get on with some weathering affects.

Ed had given me a fantastic technique to use with the weathering powders; mix them into some white spirit, paint them on (particularly for streaking), and allow the white spirit to evaporate. The fluid mix went on nicely, particularly around the riveting, and left some subtle results once dry.

Whilst we didn't use them in last night's game, myself and Daz tried playing the game for the first time. We enjoyed the experience - enough command and colours feel, whilst also having some period flavour in the use of combat cards and HQ tokens. It certainly felt like a slugfest, co-ordination and a bit of luck needed to do well. I'll do a photo report when my British are painted too. Daz did mention about adding some fascines to the tanks, so might have a go at making some



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