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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Cleansing the Unclean

Empress miniatures provide a line of modern horror figures. I wanted some exterminator type characters for my zombie games and low and behold, there are three packs of 'containment' troops. Maybe I've been slightly influenced by the video game 'The Division', but there are some pretty nasty fellows whose role it is to burn out a pandemic in New York City, whether the 'patient' is infected or not. On this basis I decided my paint scheme was to be fairly simple and to the point - red for danger!

I have never liked painting in red, as I struggle to define and brighten the affect. Whilst better than normal, that's still the case with this paint job - even though the base coat spray was Ferrari red! Never mind, I'm sure that no players will misunderstand their intentions, as they will zombies and living alike. Well, you can't be too sure who is infected, can you?


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