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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Fresh questors to Arcadia

Now that the game is fully 'colourised', thought it a good opportunity to introduce Ed and Daz to the game. It's a suitable, light evening's entertainment and easy on the (small) brain. So welcome to the first scenario again...

Tonight saw two games. A four player bash introducing Ed and Daz, with myself and Will guiding; then a three player game with Ed, Daz and myself. Highlights of the first game was Wills rapid win, before the rest of us were actually aware (his quote,"it's too easy"). A younger, quicker mind seeing through all of our banter and gassing. The second game saw Ed becoming trapped between mine and Daz's characters, with the character Grom 'skull crackin' all before him in a wounded berserk like state - five attack dice being something not to dabble against!

Certain combinations of characters worked well, Hobsbawn blasting magic for Grom to follow up with an additional turn maintained the centre of the board. The portals make camping very difficult as they can project characters swiftly anywhere on the board. It certainly felt like shark feeding time when characters became weakened, as other characters descended upon them to gain that quest winning action of killing other players. The game was certainly enhanced by the miniatures being painted, and it reminded me just how much I like their character and styling. I'll let Grom have the last words...



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