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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Miniatures and boardgame mash-up

This boardgame I've watched for some time, it's mechanisms seem novel with fast moving action. The right price on E-bay (who needs a friend like this, wallet ouch) saw it come into my possession. I'm not going to discuss the game yet until I have tried it, however the game's ability to use miniatures got me going through a really, really (really) old box of toys.

These illustrious veterans were bought when I first started gaming. So long so, that I had to do some research to discover their scale! They are 1/200th scale from Skytrex. They have a certain 'coloured' history; me being colour blind, I painted some of them with a purple ink - twice! Ask Lucy if you don't believe me...

So last night, amid a Will's friend sleep-over and nephew Peter's family party, I managed to touch up the vehicles I had. Basing was finished this morning. Whilst not massively detailed, as gaming pieces they work just fine.

I'm really looking forward to trying them out in the boardgame, but will have to wait until I have purchased the opposing Russians. Times don't change, unfinished collections then, unfinished collections now. At least it will give me time to try the game's rules out first and hopefully encourage me to paint some more armour. This approach certainly fits my current interest of quality gaming pieces in quality boardgames; it also matches my current time available - it beats painting 500 figure armies who then require an opponent from else where...Here's some piccies of how the vehicles compare to their counter counterparts on the game board


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