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Monday, 30 March 2015

Maintenance flight from 'operation bring and buy'

Just finished my first batch of revamped Silent Death miniatures. The range is approximately 1/300th scale.

Some of my bargain fleet were already painted to a basic standard. So out came the washes, drybrushes and weathering powders.

I quite liked the modern dazzle basic paint scheme, so left that quite clear by adding Newton and Windsor nut brown ink as a starting point.

Then a delicate drybrush of Vallejo off white and edging using a flat edge brush.

Next to the canopies with Vallejo sky blue, followed by nut brown wash, then Vallejo sky grey blue, with a final spot of Vallejo off white.

Final touches included some mig weathering powders (smoke black and rust), blackening of the bases, and a final varnish. Tomorrow night I will hopefully be introducing Daz to playing Silent Death...visors down, scanners on and weapons live!


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