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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Small rural village revisited

A longer time ago than I care to remember I bought a 15mm village in a box from Kerr and King. It's so long ago that I cannot find it on their website anymore. I think that it is a slightly obscure region of the trans Caucasus or Romania. The buildings are quite quirky; I particularly like the sharp, pointed roofs.

I originally painted them before I had discovered flat brushes and weathering powders. The first paint job was quite bland, with washes over some dull coloured browns. My paint scheme never really lit my fire so the buildings got relegated to a draw when I discovered the railway building scene. Having recently played some 15mm WWII on hexes I got the buildings out again as they fitted nicely on my hexes and suited an early war Russian front scenario.

Finding the buildings interesting again, I thought it was time to give them a little love again. To lift the detail I used a light grey to edge the roof tiles and edges of the buildings. I also patched areas on the roofs and walls. It was then time to get out the weathering powders; dry mud, track brown and black smoke. Finally a spray varnish to blend it all back together.

Now, what random thing shall I move onto next? Quick wins and quick gains at the moment...


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