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Thursday, 30 July 2015

On Mission with 'Warfighter' - part one

This game has caught my eye for some time now; non-stop action, Hollywood style! So the ever watchful E-Bay eye picked a bargain, including the current expansions. The game is card driven, with a slight acknowledgement to figures (6 figures to represent the in-game characters). So, rather than explain the game, let's attempt a mission...

The squad was tasked with yet another trip into the jungle to tackle the ever growing Cartel threat. More specifically the job at hand was to eliminate a high profile Boss to send a clear message to the other drug manufacturing organisations. It was to be no easy task; the Boss was located in a well protected area (defeat cover 3) with plenty of bodyguards to keep him safe (hostiles screen Boss). The insertion was to be a clandestine drop point in the jungle which had been well reconed before the mission start (recon; 1 location). Initial ingress would start in an adjacent wetland To the drop point. Progress would be steady with an additional location being traversed before reaching the Boss' location.

The team tasked with the mission was to be small and light (-1 to load out). A seasoned veteran called Giacomelli (my player character) was to lead a two man detail. He was sharp eyed (marksman skill) and well prepared with a mixture of firepower (M203 carbine and ACOG) and determination (3 underslung grenades and 3 hand grenades). Accompanying him was squad member Corona (squad member) with an expected amount of firepower himself. Support would be available, if a little limited.

The mission began in the shady light of a steamy jungle sunrise. The wildlife took little notice of the two shadows moving quietly through the swamp. Unfortunately that was not the case for the waiting Cartel!

Immediately blocking the way was a host of well-armed, determined troopers. A Drug Runner would try to close the range to Giacomelli (range 0) in the hope of giving a rocket team chance (screened by drug runner). to blow the soldiers from their immediate cover. In addition, a well placed Sniper (cover 4) would try and deter any forward movement by the team (+2 entrance cost). Not wishing to wait for the inevitable firestorm, Corona's well trained moves attracted the rocket team and Sniper's alert attention,

Giacomelli sprung into action. Seeing the immediate threat to Corona, he launched an underslung 40mm grenade at the preparing rocket team (snap shot action card). The well placed explosive easily neutralized the slow reacting enemy (modified result of 6, 9,9 and 10 on D10s). This attack was only made possible by Corona's quick reactions in eliminating the onrushing drug runner (fire action). Encouraged by his controlled, effective volley, Corona decided to close the range with the now alone sniper (action to move onto wetlands), knowing full well that Giacomelli could suppress any attack the sniper could make as he moved (suppress action card in hand).

Meanwhile, Giacomelli considered his own options (used an action to refill hand of cards). Seeing Corona in an unsupportable situation, he rushed quickly to Corona's side (move out action card). Giacomelli raised his ACOG assisted carbine and gently pulled the trigger (marksman skill), breathing steadily as he aimed (steady aim action card, buffed). In a burst of shattered foliage, the concealed sniper fell lifelessly before Giacomelli's sights (modified 10 and 12).

With a temporary lull in the action, Giacomelli consulted his map, he looked for appropriate orientating landmarks and saw the incline which he was searching for (incline location card). That would be their next move (action used to place location card). Along the top of the incline, ready for action, stood another sniper accompanied by a small band of smugglers (hostile force of 6).

Giacomelli may well have accounted for his next move, but that did not stop the Cartel plotting theirs (end of soldier turn, start of hostile turn). An unseen thug emerged from the cover of the wetlands, as the Cartel on the incline prepared their own aggressive response. The thug took aim at Giacomelli and would have caused a flesh wound (thug rolled higher than it's kill number and beat giacomelli's cover value) if Giacomelli had not suppressed the thug's round of fire (suppress action card).

The sniper on the incline took careful aim at Corona...the slender cover he was hiding behind took the hit, causing Corona to bury his face deeper in the cover (suppression marker). A similar attack occurred as the smugglers shot at Giacomelli causing him to duck back too (suppression marker) There was a brief lull as all parties planned their next moves...(end of turn 1 of 8).

Giacomelli knew that he could not stay like this for much longer (remove suppression marker), but his options were limited. He hoped by re-evaluating his situation he could find new options (action to replenish hand of action cards). As Giacomelli was lost in his thoughts, his radio crackled into life. "Sniper support online" (discard 2 action cards to bring in a support card). Giacomelli whispered a greatful thank you, a loud crack could be heard as the encroaching thug fell, lifeless in the water.

Corona relied upon his training (remove the suppression) and followed up this shift of initiative by loosing off a series of controlled bursts At the smugglers. One of which lowered his head In fear (suppressed). Not feeling so alone, Giacomelli certainly welcomed the continued support of the well timed sniper team (used 2 experience)

Yet another thug emerged from the wetland, firing his weapon as he surged forward, just missing giacomelli's arm (suppression). Giacomelli was feeling deeply uncomfortable as both the sniper and smugglers on the incline continued to make him their target. The smuggler's wild fire spewed in all directions, but not wounding Giacomelli. The sniper however, was more assured. This time, he found his mark. A bullet tore into giacomelli's shoulder, knocking him backwards (2 wounds). The situation was clearly not going all the team's way ( end of turn 2 of 8).


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