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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Mechanising the Colonials

E-bay is being particularly bountiful at the moment. Two purchases of some basic painted Khurasan Federals and 5 unpainted/basecoated vehicles for twenty pounds is a suitable example...

This posting will deal with most of the vehicles. Firstly the heavily armoured GZG transports. A quick grey undercoat seemed a good startIng point to use these miniatures as suitable transport for the CDF. A black wash and sky grey dry brush didn't seem to bring anything to life, so a nut brown wash and off-white grey drybrush followed. Whilst the level of base colours seemed okay, the vehicles still needed some detail. So in came the stripes!

For the first time I tried using masking tape across the vehicles to make nice, neat edges...or so I thought! Unfortunately the paint had bled under some parts of the tape. However,with some remedial brush painting and white drybrushing, the stripes were somewhat recovered. Finally the vehicles were white lined with a flat edged brush and weathered with MIG powders.

I have to say, these have not been my favorite vehicles to paint; possibly it might have been using grey on vehicles which are fairly plain in terms of their detail.

To help those vulnerable troop transports feel safe, a GZG tank was also painted in a similar paint scheme, with similar issues - particularly the stripes. However thIs vehicle has more detail and therefore it felt easier to bring the paint job around. It feels a suitably unsophisticated gun platform worthy of the backwaters of the universe.

Next post, the E-Bay foot figures.



  1. I reckon they've come up quite nicely. The stripes certainly help.

  2. Thanks for the support Preacher. Hopefully the love will flow when they perform well on the table.