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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Getting the E-Bay bug.

Still hitting all of the sci-if stereotypes with the another focus being Starship Trooper type bugs. Well, that was the initial idea. When you begin to look for 15mm scale bugs the choices seem quite limited. With a little imagination (and no scale snobbery) I began to consider 28mm miniatures. Whilst they are obviously oversized if you needed man sized bugs, they can make for daunting opponents for 15mm. And those mostly available? GW tyranids.

Looking through the figure types the hourmagaunts seem a suitable choice with long bladed legs and a vicious smile! The only personal issue is that the sculptsare so well designed that they look like they are running on acid! Hopefully with a bit of re-engineering I can slow them down.

So in logical fashion I started with the marginal, not often seen, flying bugs! Well, these were a bargain at ten pounds, and I have several other miniatures on my watch list.

As you can see from the picture, the figures are not badly painted at all. But it is always nice to put your own stamp on the purchase. A rather aptly named sky grey light drybrush was applied all over in figure. The wings then had a light inking of nut brown. And the bases had a heavy light grey drybrush to bring them in line with my current basing colour scheme.

Only a light bit of finishing. I wanted a little bit of contrast so painted the talons a white grey; and to compliment the white, red tongues and tails. Finally a quick Matt varnish.

Not bad for about an hour's work. Not too much different, but certainly more to my own liking. That's one thing that is certainly right, war gaming is definitely a personal hobby.


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