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Saturday, 1 August 2015

CorpSec - stupidly simple...

Well equipped, underpaid, bored and brutal - that's how I see these corporation types. Think of the local supermarket security guard equipped with a laser blaster and holo-armoured suit! Actually I'm using some of my Critical Mass Games Terran troopers for this role. These troops above will be the space equivalent of a SWAT team.

These figures, including the wheeled APC,are the second part of my E-Bay purchase. The figures came with a very simple paint job and were already based. So, out came the trusted nut brown ink as the starting point for 'jazzing up' these minis.

Once the ink was dry, as the figures were already darkly painted, it was straight onto the detailing. This focused upon brightening the visors, contrasting the weapons, highlighting the back packs, and detailing the faces.

As I see these troops as the figures who come out when 'pacifying the public' is too tough for the regular corporation employees, they have been broken down into specialist teams. Around a core of two 5 man squads, on call are:

- Three 2 man sniper teams

- Two 2 man anti vehicle teams

- One 2 man anti air team

- One 2 man flamethrower (!!!!) team

- One 2 man chaingun team

- One 5 man urban assault team

It will be interesting to see how they cope with public disorder of the black, slimy alien kind!



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