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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Time for a little change...

You know how it is, sometimes you just need a little change...after surfing the net I came across a set of rules called 'look Sarge, No Charts WWII'. The reason they caught my attention is that they use special dice to control the action. After a little more research, I decided to buy the rules form RPGNow.
Looking through the rules give me pause to think about my current WWII figure collection and how they are based. I'd previously based them on circles as I was using them on hexes, and quite liked their appearance. That was a while ago, and I must say that Imhave caught the 'Impetus ' bug of larger bases. After considering the new rules and my hexes, I decided to try a test bed with a few 15mm G.I. figures, here is the result:
Whilst basing the figs, I couldn't resist a little touching up too. The figures are on 3 inch by 1 1/2 inch bases. This allows two bases to be placed into a Hexon hex. Let me know in the comments section which you prefer, the 'before' or 'after'.
Talking of taking a little change, Wills just decided to draw some Simpsons characters, so I suppose I'm not the only one who likes to have a little break...

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