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Sunday, 30 August 2015

German Armour Refit

As mentioned, I have finished a few pieces of German armour...

What can I say, the Tiger. This is probably one of my favourite models in my collection. It's not just the vehicle, but the way the tank riders are interacting on the diorama. I always enjoy playing with this model, even though it hasn't always lived up to wargames reputation.

This model is a favourite purchase. Myself and some friends went up to Ilkley, clutching a wad of notes, wanting to buy some Flames of War miniatures (when it wasn't popular). Sadly, the shop no longer remains, but this model does...

This model was one of the first WWII miniatures I bought. Can't quite remember the manufacturer, I think it's Qualiticast. I always like playing with lightly armoured kit, as it is less dominating in a game.

A Stug IIIG. If armour is on the board, there's usually a Stug in action.

Finally, a PzIVH to round off this collection. Skytrex kits are a big part of the kits you can find in my draws. Well, that's it for now, not sure which things I'll do next - but there's certainly a lot of choice!


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