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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Partizan purchases

Forgot to take piccies of the show today, too busy chatting that getting the camera out never passed my mind. It was a close shave in that I nearly bought the AVP boardgame, but reason and nostalgia won out. After reading about, and listening to a podcast, I decided to get the 'Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish' rules. They are a look over the shoulder set for those that remember the floor plans and dungeon trawling of their youth. As a teenager, many of my friends were full on role players; I never quite felt fully comfortable, what I did enjoy was the whole fantasy setting.

These rules are promoting a wargames approach to a role playing environment. I've got quite a collection of odds and sods that will work well with these rules. So it's been quite a search in the shed to find them!!! See the picture below for the first finds. The plus factor is that the figures could be used for the current trend setting rules, 'Frostgrave'.

I'll show them in more detail, when rebated and touched up (that seems to be my current vogue).




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