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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Arachnid additions

The painting treadmill is still producing at the moment. I've got a couple of Fantasy Flight's Descent games. They come packed with lots of interesting miniatures with lots of different themes; more on them in later posts. What we have here are the spiders from the collection.

A black undercoat and a red base of the abdomens started the paintjob well. Things took a dip when painting the legs. The miniatures are of the softer plastic type which means the detail can similarly be 'soft'. A couple of inks and heavy dry brushes brought the situation around. Because the miniatures are all the same, I thought a bit of variety could be made by detailing the abdomens. It's probably wrong, but I used a sharpy pen to outline the basic designs. The effect is solid in that the outlines were even. Then a little contrast was provided by using off-white highlights. And there you are! I'm going to look for a LOTR Shalob miniature to act as the spider coven mother, back to EBay...


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