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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Usurpers for the Kingdom

It's been some time since I wrote about our Sunday games. They have still been happening, but I've either been busy with other posts, or just plain old too tired to record it. So, as a compromise, I have done a simple recording of today's family game...

Wills decided for us to have a go at Citadels. It suited everybody, as it's quick for me to set up, rules are easily remembered, and Wills enjoys the subterfuge! The early part of the game saw me being 'helped' by Lucy to a lag behind (we had some 'debate' as to wether the assassin should have been used before 'moneybags Wills'could get hold of his cash. Grandma went for a decisive strategy of building quickly. Wills and Grandad went for high value properties, whilst Lucy went for a balanced strategy of collecting money and steadily building.

Mid game saw the same strategies being followed, with less of a reliance on the thief and assassin characters, and more interesting play of the magician and the architect. Grandma was stalled for a couple of turns allowing Lucy to accumulate 6 locations to get close too. I managed to collect a few locations by generally retaining the King, allowing me to chose simple choices to build properties from money collected.

However, we could not stall enough; Grandma completed her eight locations, with careful use of the architect and magician. Grandma gained points for finishing first (4 points) and Lucy gained three points for having locations in the five different colours. The final count up was...

...very close, with only 4 points between first and fourth place (with me lagging a further three points back from fourth in last place). On reflection, Grandma did particularly well finishing first, as she was often last in the character selection phase, where the choice was limited to two cards only. Lucy was unlucky, missing out by a single point (probably due to a particularly damaging assassination by Will). Will and Grandad's purchase of high value locations kept them close; well, not much to say about me! Sensibly, having two poor rounds right at the start of the game meant I never really became a contender.

Yet again, a simple game providing a rapid, but thoughtful outcome. Citadels may not have all the bangs and whistles of high production components, it does have though, a level of mystery and second guessing which keeps all players involved. The fact that we came back to it, against piles of other choices, is a recommendation in itself.

Next time, I'll manage the assassin's guild!!!


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