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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Relentless commitment, ringing the holy changes!

Here's the next 'band of brothers' to be ready for adventuring - following the Sacred Bell of Saint Thomar!

These committed fellows are a group of Mordheim miniatures bought in the early days of being a Newark Irregular. I remember we were trying to encourage a small group of young lads into the hobby, and Mordheim seemed a good cross-over. Like many adventuring parties, the young boys moved on to different lands and lures (you can fill this part in for yourself!). And so, the miniatures went into 'retreat'...

Now, re-invigorated with fresh zeal, the Brothers are back!

My imaginings for this party is of a small group of followers, after a long period of reflection, venturing from their monastery to ring forth their bell of rectitude. They are a slightly deranged bunch, mostly from their many hours of solemn solitude, however they are full of well meaning, holy vengeance! (Only to the unclean, of course).

It's time to kneel, bow, and show reverence to the following brothers...

Will now design the roster to share with you, and then try having a test skirmish.


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