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Monday, 24 August 2015

Welcome to the Heavyweight.

There are some really nice minis related to the Dust games system. A few years back I bought the first boxed starter set for Will and painted them up. He liked the models but was not inspired by the rules. As the system became well supported by Fantasy Flight, out came the Russians!!! I really liked their walkers as they had that rough, tough but rugged appearance. The weapons are large and cumbersome, but simplistically effective. As with several Scifi models, I thought that the walkers could make a scale shift.

I bought, what I thought was, three walkers (see the picture above) - Doh!!! This turned out to be quite an expensive purchase with only one model in the box, however I still like the kit; a good job I suppose...

This model is going to be used for my Marauders. When a tough job needs doing, it's time to bring out the big long as the price is right!

At least the model came with multiple arms, so, with the use of neodymium magnets, I can use the walker in several configurations. The kit comes already under coated so it was straight to the inks, and then a khaki drybrush.

I used the stat card to look at the paint scheme used. I tried using an industrial grey weathering powder in the centre of each of the large surface areas (armour plates, legs, torso). Then it was on to my usually track brown, black smoke, rust and dry mud powders.

The final look is a little dull, but I wanted the kit to look well used and slightly worn out - money is tight after all! In the scenic pictures are two other walkers from the AT-43 range; also Russian, and a nice present given from Bruno. The style fits nicely...quite a nice little force - if you can afford them...




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