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Friday, 28 August 2015

Force Agenda - ongoing review

Played the scenario described in the posting related to 'Commlink Five'. After some thoughtful activity, and lively discussion with Stew, there have been some amendments to the rules. Whilst their context means very little to you folks reading this posting, the kinds of changes might...

V1.2 - Additions and changes

  • changed activation points organisation/usage to a single action track, where the player with the highest number of activation points, activates a unit. When their activation point value drops BELOW the opponents, then the opponent then gets to activate their units.
  • For Bugs, changed the ripper stat for combat from 2 blues to a white and a black.
  • For Bugs, Added a swarm skill to bugs; for each adjacent bug to a target in close combat, add a black dice to the total attack dice.
  • For bugs, changed the dice rolled for the number of hits a bug may have. Instead of using standard dice, use blog dice instead, e.g. Bio1 roll 1 black dice, number of hits is the amount of hits a bug can take added to 1.
  • Armour review! Added an additional symbol to the dice to represent Armour saves to remove rolling a standard D6. Now a yellow has 1 Armour symbol dice face, white 2 Armour symbol dice faces,blue 3 Armour dice symbol faces, red 4 Armour dice symbol faces. Now penetration will remove an Armour save dice from a target. For infantry, this means potentially losing a save; for vehicles, they will roll multiple Armour dice as a save, therefore the penetration trait will reduce Armour effectiveness by removing dice.
  • √Član re-activation of a unit is limited to it's quality. White 1 extra activation, blue 2 activations and Red three extra activations.

It's quite interesting how changes occur when playing through the course of a game; it's only when playtesting, do things crop up that you had not considered before. These problems can lead to potentially radical changes to how you initially perceived the flow of the game going. One thing I was quite pleased to change was the elimination of different types of dice (mix of my own dice and D6s). Now the game runs from my dice alone, however I did need to add an additional symbol to the dice to represent Armour. It's always a dilemma of adding extra complexity if it impacts upon the speed and playability of a game. Hopefully, I've struck the right balance; only several more playtests will tell...


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