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Monday, 24 August 2015

What's happened to Comlink Five?

Having done a lot of brushwork, it's time to have a go at pushing the mini's around a bit. I want to test out the bugs so I have designed a quick scenario to see how they play...

Comlink 5 hasn't made it's duty roster sit reps for three days. Maybe it's just the recently rough weather systems, disrupting signals. But to be on the safe side, the local CDF adjutant has decided to send out a patrol, just to check that all is well.

CDF forces (black entry (8 linked squares)

4 sections comprising of 4 troopers and a SAW gunner

2 sniper teams

1 Atak Trak

Scenario objective - spend 5 impetus points in each building to investigate situation

Initiative - 3 cards

Bug forces (red entry, random position, may bring on D4 bugs per turn)

15 Ripper bugs

1 shredder bug

Scenario objective - kill the troopers!

Initiative 3 cards


The first few turns the bugs decided to lay in wait, not using their activation points. The CDF marched on in column, headed and footed by sniper teams, with a solid firebase of the Attak Trak in the centre.

As the human chain began to become a little stretched, and the Atak Trak seemed vulnerable, the bugs struck out; two rippers crashed through the trees. One struck the Trak and bounced, the other was destroyed under a hail of close combat fire (4 hits), even it's armour couldn't deflect the blows...

The next few turns saw the CDF advancing and firing as they entered and searched two of the three buildings. The Bugs came on from all three sides in ones and twos. They vainly attempted to close assault the troopers, however they were not throwing enough dice (bugs - 2 blue, humans - 5 white). Something to reflect upon later...

The CDF continue to progress with a section entering the third building and killing rippers at a steady rate (10 twitching carcasses). Then the shredder decided to make an appearance. On an initiative card of 10, the shredder cleared the third building of all but one CDF trooper through several assaults. The CDF attempted to deal with the threat by throwing some firepower in from the Atak Trak. Shots bounced of the shredder's tougher carapace, it responded by closing the distance and destroying the vehicle through 2 rounds of close combat with the play of the next initiative card.

Sensing the urgency, the CDF upped their pace, finished observing two of the three buildings, and killed two more rippers. Visciously, the shredder was to have it's day! Through two rounds of card play, a ripper took apart a section standing by the comm tower, whilst the shredder destroyed the CDF section in the central building.

The game was halted at this stage, as my nephew wanted to play pool on the pool table the game was sitting on!!! However, I felt I had learnt enough from this playthrough.

Thoughts about the game:

The rippers aren't strong enough in close combat against full strength sections. I either need to add some ranged bugs, or change one of the blue attack dice to a black dice. This certainly worked for the shredder with a red and black dice.

I might try this scenario with Daz and Stew and see how it pans out.


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