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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Force Agenda - sample units

Thanks to Preacher's favorable comments, I thought I would quickly include a sample of some units...

They are pretty straight forward, but what makes them different are the references under the ranges. The letters correspond to a colour dice which each figure throws in combat. The principle being that the effectiveness of the weapon, and the training to use it, are reflected in the colour choice of dice. The quality of dice go from yellow (least effective), white (average quality), blue (veteran quality) and red (most effective).

As you can see, I have angled the Crusties as being close - in troops, with a range of two being the most effective. However, careful planning is required as the ordinary grunts have no saving throw.

All troops move at a standard rate of one square, therefore the jump troops have a distinct advantage in manouvreability (jump 3) which allows them to jump in, shoot at range two, and then jump out again for an activation cost of 4 points over two actions - quite effective as last night's game showed!

The custom dice have a mix of improving effects as the quality of the dice improve...

The dice symbols link to the effects below:

Making the dice was quite simple as there are many suppliers of blank faced, colored dice on EBay. Hopefully this gives a little insight into how the game works.



  1. Very interesting. Love the different dice idea. In a way, similar to Force on Force and its ilk: let the dice reflect troop quality, rather than a series of modifiers.

  2. It's funny you mentioned Force on Force, Preacher. It's one of my favourite rule sets, with many of it's concepts influencing my ideas. Also take a lot of inspiration from Command and Colours.