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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Yet another distraction


This one might seem another off-centre selection, however here are some modern vehicles refurbished from EBay. I've always liked the shape of the M1 Abrams; maybe it's because, like Wills suggested, it's got the feel of a Tiger, with simple, clean, angular lines eluding to the machine's effectiveness.


The idea for these vehicles is to supplement my human forces to fight against the machine, more specifically, my terminators. There is also a good overlap as I have quite a collection of AK47 figures and vehicles which I could use for 'Force on Force' ( and they were also an EBay bargain!)

Most of the work had been done for me, as the vehicles were undercoated and inked. There were some paint chippings yet these were easily masked with my inking and drybrushing. The models are QRF; some of the castingQ isn't as crisp as could be hoped for, but they still provide the relevant impact on the table. Now, must see how they could fit into a Modern African scenario...



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