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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Bug Hole Opens...

Finally got some GW Hormagaunts at the right price and the right level of painting to build upon. These nasty looking predators should enjoy rending their way through flesh...assuming they can get close enough!

The figures had what appeared to be a pale grey undercoat and thin wash. The first thing was to place the figures on different bases. The new ones allow for a variable score to be kept as part of the base (thanks Warbases).

I have the idea that the players are uncertain about how strong each bug is, and they only find out when the beast takes it's first hit. It's inspired by the Starship Trooper moments when some Bugs take several rounds to put down, whilst others collapse at the first impact.

Back to the figures, a sky grey light dry brush all over was followed by a more defined light grey on the talons and tail. Some outgrowths were then picked out in off-white and a flat brush white used on the teeth. The tongues were painted red and a brown wash was used around the mouth area.

Quite looking forward to trying these guys out. I think they will be a one shot wonder that will either tear through the defensive lines, or stall at the first hurdle.




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