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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blind leaps of Lemming faith

After a sleepy Sunday afternoon start, full of roast pork, we decided to play 'Leaping Lemmings' by GMT games. This was a surprise buy some years ago when on holiday at Hunstanton (I think...) in a small shop that looked like a newsagents, ah the memories...

After a short recap of the rules the lemmings were set free. As you can see by the pile of bones below, the yellow jacketed crew must have been plumper than the others.

Active eagles didn't stop the determination of the little furry creature's desire to throw themselves over the edge of the abyss.

Due to several interruptions of a burst water pipe across the road, and cups of tea made from water board bottled water (called convenience water - not sure who no water is 'convenient' for?) we decided to call a halt just before the end of the movement draw pile. The scores looked like this;

Well done to Will, who's collection of chow pellets give him an additional six points to seize the victory. Most of my potential points resided in the feathered tummy of the birds of prey. As ever, getting a game you haven't played,in a while kept the game fresh. Next time, more hiding in the bushes!


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