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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dusting off old scenery

When I first started playing 15mm WWII I remembered seeing down the local club a guy using railway scenery. Whilst the buildings seemed to show their plastic origins, I quite liked the detail. After some investigation, and a little compromising on scale, I settled on using HO/OO scale kits.

A friend put me onto the wealth of German railway building manufacturers - Faller, Vollmer and Pola to mention a few. One problem is that the scenery naturally depicts Northern Europe. However for me this wasn't a problem as I game the late war period anyway. But still the problem of the plasticness remained..

...until I discovered weathering powders. Previously I tried using washes and drybrushes on the buildings, but the paint never seemed to 'stick' nice and evenly. The powders seem to stick to, and soften,the plastic, giving a less harsh, more realistic texture.

Recent motivation to go back to my kits and start the dusting process has been the purchase of some gridded terrain mats from BigRedBat. I have been using some of the ideas from my Sci-fi rules to write my own WWII rules. My first love was Advanced Squad Leader, and I wanted to bring some of those concepts into my custom dice...but more on this another time!


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