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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

First games of 'Open Combat'

Tonight's session laid out before us was our first go at Open Combat. Ed's kickstarted rules have encouraged him to lead several sessions of the game. In preparation, here is the warband that I brought to the table:

My original thoughts were to screen the necromancer with the shambler's and have him 'top up' the skeletons and Flesh golem; possibly taunt some unsuspecting mortal into a rash attack on the Golem. The skeleton's could scare their opponents before throwing themselve's against the foe - Jason and the Argonauts style...well, that was the plan! Here's the battlefield

The game went smoothly, with only a little reference to the rules for the special rules. The interaction of intimidating undead and low minded beastmen allowed the poor attacking skills of the zombies even out the aggressive attacking abilities of bovine foe.

Zombies were chopped down early on in the encounter, but they did distract their opponents long enough for the necromancer to lower the attacker's minds to zero (halting attack and defence ratings)

In the end, the shamblers did enough to whittle away the fighting prowess of the beastmen, with an ungodly archer being the last to fall.

The game played quickly with the action very quickly heating up. I quite like the fact that the zombies could'nt hit for toffee, but took a while to hack down using a relatively high defence. By contrast, the skeletons attacked furiously, but were brittle in defence. Overseeing the action, the necromancer played a timely intervention just enough to turn the tide in favour of the dark arts...



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