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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Re-basing fatigue

Here's the latest set of re-fits. Getting basing fatigue, looking at the queue of kit still to do takes away the initial flush of enthusiasm. Must still persevere! I might do a few other things just to recharge the batteries, we'll see.

Nice kits, the Jagdpanthers - Skytrex models.

Finished the other half of my FOW motorcycles. Nice models compared to some Peter Pig ones I have.

More spare infantry peeled off of my previous vehicle basing. I'm trying to increase the amount of foot bases, saving time and a few pennies.

American artillery. The old Battle Honors crew are a little thin, both in terms of size and detail. I was going to give the guns a bit of a drybrush to bring out some more detail; might do this later.

Some nice anti-air assets, I particularly like the thin barrel on the Ostwind, quite strong too.

My old ASL days has always left a soft spot for the quad HMG maxim mounts - a whooping 24 fire power on the fire table!

Finally some more U.S. anti tank guns, similar story to the other guns in that they need a bit of a drybrush. Well that's all for now folks!


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