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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A new despatch from our Italian correspondent - I ain't been shot mum

I have been posted, through the electronic ether, a gaming campaign update from Phil in Italy. A lot of beautiful 6mm scenery building, a some initial playing inroads into 'I Ain't Been Shot Mum' by the Two Fat Lardies. Here are his thoughts so far, written in a far more interesting prose than I can write:

"Played the 'South of Cherbourg' scenario twice, and a mini session on my own to test out the armour rules. I love the it! They really do play with a feel for the theatre, and reward historical deployment and tactics. In both times through the scenario, the US attack failed, each time through the exploitation of a US mistake. Not a big one. Just an opportunity. Historical platoon formations are necessary, as is fire and movement, defence in depth, well-placed support weapons and attempting to infiltrate. And the classic German aggressive counterattack at the right moment is what won both games, although the second one was much harder for the Germans. It also highlighted the need to plan an attack or defence before the game. Armour seems nicely effective, but very vulnerable if not working in conjunction with infantry, again very in keeping with, for example, the British experience around Caen. With an umpire, there's also an excellently masochistic sense of paranoia.

Also, it didn't really take long, maybe three hours playing time, with a good 45 mins planning stage at the beginning (multi-player sides). Some players (those who think one move at a time) could get frustrated with the card-driven activation system, but I really like it, as it reflects battlefield friction very well, spotlights the necessity of leaders to keep things moving, and (when considered in a longer-term perspective of several moves) doesn't really decide a game and creates a narrative very similar to a lot of AARs.

Thanks Phil for those thoughts...

Here's some more piccies of the 6mm set-up




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