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Monday, 20 June 2016

Loos battle using 'The Great War'

It's been a while since I made a posting, yet it feels like I have been busy with other things. More particularly I have been doing some thinking work on my own fantasy rules; I've been trying to include some of the fantastic time clock mechanics from 'Alter of Freedom' into the command structure of the game. I did play a game/ photograph the action of Daz and Ed with my newly finished WWI figures. Here's the results:

What I enjoyed the most about the game is that it provided some simple dilemmas in what is normally perceived as an unimaginative, flat tactical piece of military history. Whilst 'going over the top' signifies an overall approach, the ability to choose where to place the most pressure on a trench line, using the best supporting elements to achieve this, comes out in the flavour of the game. Likewise, it was not an even slugging match between two evenly distributed opponents. The provision of multiple trench lines, with rushed in reserves, produced an ebb and flow to the gameplay. All of this wrapped in the usual 'command colours' framework. The thing that makes this WWI system is the addition of combat cards and HQ points, providing some variety to what could be a linear experience. Looking forward to another game...




  1. That looks great with the painted and based figures.

    It's nasty how both sides suffered ~50% casualties!

  2. Thanks Barks; hadn't thought about how attritional the game had been.maybe a reflection on how the rear echelon generals may have overlooked the tragedy of trench warfare.