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Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Great War Boardgame - 15mm Allies

These have taken a 'big push' to finish. Illness hit the trenches with some painter sickness, cold - all aggravated by hay fever. But that stiff upper lip attitude has seen these figures leave base camp ready for the front.

I've still got the Kickstarter artillery to do, and I have replaced the HQ tokens with something else (more on that in another post. The figures painted nicely with several steps of paints and washes. Here are some close ups

Thoughts on the some ways, they are a bit of a compromise to meet the needs of a boardgame. Whilst the sculpts are quite nice, with clear detail, the number of poses feels somewhat limited and a little static. Maybe it's because the average boardgamer is less intense about the quality of the 'playing pieces', therefore the miniatures are of a very high standard when compared to the average in this category.

Well, it feels good to have nearly completed the whole contents of a project/game. In some ways, having other kickstarters I'm involved with being late is not necessarily a problem - painting the approaching Conan and the Hyborean host is on the storm clouded horizon!


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