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Saturday, 30 July 2016

First go at second Deadzone

After making some command dice and Will and me picking some I modified.forces, we tried the new rules. I went with lots of cheap rebel troopers and s teraton. Will went for a small, hard hitting force based around a walker.

The game certainly moves a lot auicker, with the system stripped down to it's core mechanics. Will enjoyed these rules far more than the first set, for the simplicity fact alone.

I like the replacement of a lot of 'fluff' mechanics with the use of command dice. They create a lot of flexibility in a round, allowing simple stacking of the odds where you most need them.

As in the first edition, me playing the Rebs seemed to lead to lots of dead troopers very quickly! We weren't playing a scenario, but just testing the mechanics out. Maybe with a little more thought and consideration of the weapon types, they might play a lot better!


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