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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Unfinished business - an incomplete 15mm Chain of Command game

A combination of being busy, playing games, and most of all, suffering the worst hay fever in years, has sapped my energy to put finger to tablet. With a nice fan breeze and help of the right medication, now feels a good time to fill in some of the blanks. Myself and Ed played half a game of Chain of Command, with a willingness to finish it the following week (which didn't happen). Here are some snaps of the game:

The pictures tell a little of the narrative of the game. British defence evenly across their own lines. German thrust down their right flank, lead by a PzIII. Firefights in the centre and left, with casualties mounting on either side. A gun duel between a deployed 6 pounder and PzIII, which lasted a couple of rounds, with the AT gun finally wining the contest. At this point the game was halted for the following week...

Ed had bought a lovely Cigar Box mat which we used in the game. Final photo...the mat and terrain: