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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Plans for the next couple of months...

Trying to have some kind of organized plan can be a really difficult proposition to stick to, you only need to look at the lead mountains that we have all acquired (and is still growing). Co-ordinating efforts across three people is, well, you can guess...

And so it is with myself, Daz (@quirkyfella) and Ed (@varghulf). Being easily distracted with new colourful 'butterflies' to chase has lead to gaming evenings of varied, and slightly hap hazard sessions. Multiply this by Ed having a similar butterfly net to myself, has lead us to question (thanks Daz), what are we doing?

After a few Twitter messages we decided to go away and pick three subjects/games we would each like to play. Here are our initial choices:

Daz - Spaceships, Naval, modern/WWII air war

Ed - campaign Saga/open combat, command colors, altar of freedom

Anth zombies, acw, boardgames

Last gaming night we sat down and discussed/planned the next few months, taking into consideration holidays, Christmas etc; so here goes...


boardgames, as time is short and it's school holidays, children etc, we thought this a good option. Contenders to play are The Great War, Robo-rally and Formula De

1st 2 weeks September

WWII chain of command (Ed Anth) - Daz is on holiday, so it leaves a window for playing a little WWII platoon level action.

Last 2 weeks September,

Planning weeks for following games. What!??!?Planning time!!?!! In the best spirit of organizing and knowing what's ahead, we thought getting the appropriate background stuff sorted (campaign rosters, warband records etc) would leave us in a maximized gaming space.


Spaceship combat amongst the Stars - both myself and Daz have some spaceship fleets which have not yet left space dock, plus I purchased a space hex mat in semi-preparation (I like playing Silent Death space fighters). We are going to give it a go with the Starmada Nova rules, as they seem popular with lots of included player recommendations.


The Others boardgame - Well, that's if CMON manage to get the Kickstarter out to Europe by then. I'm looking forward to getting this as I pledged for some of the extras too. I can argue it into our games night as there are lots of lovely miniatures included.

December up to mid January

Open Combat Skirmish. As the nights will be getting colder (my wooden bunker isn't the best insulated) Open Combat fits the bill. Fought on 2x2 foot squares and running at about 30 minutes a game, we can easily organize a campaign.

Late January through February

zombies!!! - lots of choice here and plenty of time to decide. I'm currently designing my own rules and have All Things Zombie in miniatures and boardgame. Ed recently just acquired Project Z too.


Battle of Britain - micro aircraft WWII - Daz has backed the Battle of Britian' boardgame Kickstarter and he and I have some 1/300th aircraft that fits in. Could be Bag the Hun or a boardgame I have (forgotten the name). Daz has some hex mats to use too.


Altar of Freedom - ACW makes a return. We have played some of this already, but leaving the game till April gives Ed chance to finish painting his 6mm Confederates. Daz already has his Union troops ready to go.


Napoleonic Naval - right from left field! Myself and Daz purchased a couple of small fleets from Tumbling Dice, and I have the Osprey rules to use.

Well there you have it, what seems like a plan. However we all know what happens to the best laid plans...time will tell.




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